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Major Announcement, People! I've now taken over the Maitland FWA Group and we're merging the two group. In future, we will meet at the Maitland Public Library on the second Thursday of the month. The room provided is larger, more seating, and they provide coffee and tea - I'll bring the cookies!


Thursday June 8th, 6:30 pm to 8:45 pm

Our speaker will be Lynda Edwards, who will talk to us about writing fiction. She's got some tried and true methods she uses to help build a story and plot, and she's going to share them with us. Hope you'll all be there!


First, as we have some new members and several have voiced interest in the critique group, we'll discuss re-starting it. After that, Lynda will give a presentation complete with handouts to help us learn how to write fiction.


The July meeting will be cancelled as I'm going to be out of town.

In August, as the annual conference is in October, I thought I'd give you some tips and pointers on what to bring with you and what you can hope to get out of it, and then speak on the subject of getting published. There are the various types of publishers you can go through: traditional, self and hybrid, and the pros and cons of each. Not only am I a published author, but I had my own publishing company Cricket Cottage Publishing, which I sold a few years back, and so I can teach you what I know about that process.



Are you interested in the Florida Writers Association (FWA)? Do you want to learn more about writing in general, network with other authors, and work to improve your writing and maybe help them? Then this is the group for you!

To learn more about FWA, here is a link to their website: Home (

To learn more about this group and participating in meetings, fill out the contact sheet and/or check the blog. Upcoming meetings will be listed there along with info about the speaker. If you'd like to make a presentation at a future meeting, let me know, and give a little blurb about what you'd like to speak on. Meetings run about two hours, so tailor your lecture accordingly.


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