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Tuesday October 18th, 6:45 pm to 8:45 pm

Winter Park Library, 2nd Floor Meeting Room

1052 West Morse Blvd

Winter Park


This month we're going to hear from Gary Roen who'll talk to us about book promotion and things you should not do when trying to get people to buy your book!

Here's a brief bio on him:

Gary S. Roen, is the author of two collections of science fiction. Slotski’s World, and Journey (Legacy Book Publishing) as well as co-author of “Cats, Cats, and More Cats (Royal Fireworks Press)

     He is the author of two books of poetry. The Forgotten Father Coping With Grief (Taylor and Seal Publishing) and Look at Me World (Chateau Publishing). His work has been included in the short story collection; Computer Legends Lies and Lores (Ageless Press) and online magazines including, Anotherealm, and Mercury Sky. He is also the author of a satirical play entitled “Vamp."

      Roen is also a nationally syndicated book critic/writer, consultant who has been writing close to 45 years. His syndicated reviews have appeared in hundreds of daily, weekly, and monthly, publications that currently include Midwest Book Review, The Beachside Resident, Orlando Advocate, St. Cloud in the News, Osceola News-Gazette, Bivouac Magazine, and Arrhythmic Souls

      His articles have run in; Living Well and Live Wisely, bUnike Magazine, The Beach Side Resident, Strange New Worlds, Crime Book Digest, Eleven Magazine, Backstage Pass, and West Orlando News.

     Over the many years of his career Roen has been a book salesman, as well as a publicist setting up press tours for authors for several publishing houses. He has been an agent working with authors and publishers in many different genres including true crime, horror and non-fiction.

     He has been a regular on-air contributor to many different types of radio and TV shows throughout the United States.   

     For a number of years, he worked for numerous companies in the field of market research, in Central Florida, as an independent contractor. This gave him many diverse experiences, that have often found their way into much of his fictional stories.  

Hope to see you all there, and hope you find the discussion useful.


Be seeing you!




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